Formosa Textile #007
Formosa Textile #007 - Casapacha
Formosa Textile #007 - Casapacha
Formosa Textile #007 - Casapacha


Formosa Textile #007

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This collection of textiles was made by the Qomle'ec community in Formosa, Argentina.

The Qomle'ec women have dyed the wool with plants, leaves and seeds, and then woven the wool. These textiles shows their precious culture through different patterns and colours.

Each piece is unique and special.

* These are versatile textiles that you can use in your home to give live to any space, use them as a rug, on top of furniture or hanging on a wall as a decoration.

Handwoven in wool 

Sizes: 60x 120 cm (sizes are approx.) 

Handmade in Argentina

Care & instructions:
This is a quality handmade product made by Argentinian communities. It's made with sustainable materials.
- Hand wash with cold water and lay flat to dry. 

Every Casapacha purchase supports sustainable design and fair pay for artisans.