gift bundle with candles, palo santo, white sage, incenses and ceramics
The Daily Ritual Bundle


The Daily Ritual Bundle

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Incorporating daily rituals into your self-care routine. 

This bundle is a combination of textures and materials. The perfect bundle for a special one, a complete box with all our favourites.

This bundle includes: 

- Taper Candles (set of two): Natural soy wax, dyes and cotton wick. These candles are non-toxic, clean burning, vegan and environmental friendly. Unscented. Made in Australia.

- Minimalistic Candle Holder: Hand-poured, imbued with subtle imperfections. Dimensions 5.8x5.8x3cm. Made in Australia. 

-Smudge Bowl: Artisan small batch. Each piece is hand thrown and hand glazed, made by Incausa. Stoneware clay. Smooth edges. Size:3.5"

-Breu: Palo santo & Makko incense: box with 7 units. Break into pieces to burn. Handmade in Brazil.

-Organic White Sage Smudge Stick: Sustainably sourced from an Organic farm in California, usa. Size:10-12cm

-Palo Santo Stick Bundle: Sustainable gathered from the forest floors of Peru. Made with 3 thick sticks.

- Hand woven Basket: Our baskets are sustainable homewares and distinctive decorative pieces to add to your home. Hand woven in Chaguar. Size: 13x4cm aprox. Handmade in Argentina.