gift bundle with palo santo and white sage
The Pacha Bundle
The Pacha Bundle


The Pacha Bundle

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Pachamama connects Andean people with the past as it's their ancestral home, in the present as a giver of all neccessities and in the future as a legacy for the next generations. 

This bundle will connect you or your special one with Mother Earth and your own rituals.

This bundle includes:

- Palo Santo Wood Incense Bricks: Hand-pressed Palo Santo Bricks. 100% Palo Santo wood milled. Box with 4 units. Handmade in Huanchaco, Peru.

- Organic White Sage Smudge Stick: One smudge stick of Organic White Sage
Size: 10-12 cm. Sustainably sourced from an Organic farm in California, USA.

- Mini Smudge Bowl: This mini smudge bowl is a handmade piece, made by Incausa. Size: 1.5". Stoneware shell.