Our latest interview with "Mujeres that Inspire" is with Sarah Hood.

Sarah lives on Sunshine Coast, QLD. Creative and with an eye for detail, she manages to have multiple businesses while raising 3 young daughters. 

Her passion for vintage, natural fibres, and the love for earthy tones really inspire me.

We talk to her to learn more about her passions, her daily rutines, and the balance between work and family. 

-  I have been following you on Instagram and I know that you are living on Sunshine Coast now. How do you find living here and what do you love about it?  

Yes, my family moved here a few years ago. I lived in Coolum with my now husband in our early twenties, we always said we would come back. It feels like home. Being outdoors in the sunshine, gardening, hiking, hanging out at the beach with our family, these are just some of our favourite things about living here. But it’s not just the lifestyle, it’s the people, the community and just generally a more laidback outlook which is refreshing. 

 - Could you tell me what is a typical day in your life? 

Honestly, everyday is different. I am freelance creative doing photography, styling and design, I also co own a real estate agency and a mother to 3 girls. One week might be filled with therapy appointments for my youngest daughter who has a disability, to another week, where I am out on location photographing a campaign, and multi-tasking for the agency in between. 

But everyday starts with a green tea and the game wordle to get the mind awake. Followed by taking my dog Bobby for a walk and a pilates session. That’s my go to routine to. 

- I have always admired @generallyworn, and your keen eye for vintage. How is your connection to vintage and natural fibres? And do you feel that they inspire your personal style?  

Vintage has been a huge part of my life since my teens. I found an affinity with sourcing pieces that no one else would have. An eclectic array of bohemian worldly treasures, a mix of eras, fabrics, textures. Layering these, I feel creates a homely and lived in space. I am naturally drawn to natural fibres, especially hand woven/handmade, that exudes an earthy and grounding aesthetic. This is who I am at my core. I love that someone has taken their time creating something truly special and no doubt took hours, days, weeks to create.  

- I know that you have been working on a new project lately, @_studiobobby. Tell us more about it! How did your love for photography started it?  

Photography has been a part of my life since high school actually. I studied film photography and didn’t take it any further. On my career journey (I owned a jewellery label, then vintage store Generally Worn) which both of these ran parallel with photography. I always need to push myself creatively, and taking the dive into photography was where my heart has taken me recently. Studio Bobby was born last year, and has filled my cup up so much.  

- Do you identify with Casapacha in some way, and do you have any favourite products that you would like to share with us? 

Casapacha speaks to my soul. I am drawn to the natural fibres, beautiful craftmanship and designs. My go to handbag is one of the "Tierra Bag" and you’ll find that on my shoulder everyday. Surprisingly you can fit so much in it! A book, wallet, keys, lip gloss and sometimes a jumper! My wish list at the moment include:


Photos: @sarahlouhood