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Creation process: 
Chaguar plants grow in the semi-arid parts of the “Gran Chaco” ecoregion in Argentina.

This plant is mainly employed by the Wichi to provide a resistant fiber that can be woven to make bags, baskets, mats, ropes and fishing nets.
Chaguar is not cultivated. It grows wild in the semi-shade of the Chaco forest.
Wichi women travel into the forest in small groups to harvest the plant by hand.

After the harvesting period the women prepare the leaves and clean them. The fiber is then left to dry in the sun for a day or two until it becomes white. Once dry, the fibers are worked into threads by rubbing them together on their thighs.

These threads are later dyed with natural pigments obtained from bark, fruits, seeds and leaves.
Using ancient symbols and patterns Wichi women combine forms and tones into a diversity of designs.

Creation Process: 
All our ponchos, scarves, knits and throws are made with 100% llama wool.
To obtain a high quality end in this fabric, our artisan partners use a completely handmade process that requieres a series of steps.
The first step is to get the threads ready. Our artisans will wash the raw wool, let it dry in the sun, and then spin it. They will work on the thickness that they need to achieve, depending on the garment that they will be weaving.
Some of our products will require the wool to be dyed. This step is done using vegetable dyes such as cabbage, herbs, yerba mate, etc.They will use different dye baths, soaking the threads for varying amounts of time. This allows them to achieve different dephts of colour.
After this process, the wool threads are dried in the sun once again.
After the wool is dry, it's ready to be used. The weaving process will start, using a loom or needle knit.