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Our new addition to our blog is about women that inspire me.

Our first interview is Zuzanna Isham, native slavic born in Poland, Europe.

Zuza spent part of her life working in the fashion industry, both behind the scenes and as an editor for ELLE magazine. She now lives a simple life in a 100 year old farm house located on a cattle ranch in Texas with her husband.

Together they created 'Chadisham', an online shop with truely beautiful vintage and handmade items.

Her love for vintage, the 'old ways', horses and slow living, really inspire me. We talk to her to learn more about her days on the ranch and her lifestyle.

- I have been following you on Instagram and I love your outdoor lifestyle and ranch. Could you tell me what is a typical day in your life? 

I wake up before sunrise and end the day with sunset. I feel best in open spaces so I spend my days outdoors, surrounded by nature and animals. I ride my horses, do all the ranch chores and creative work to make money for a living. I am a woman of many hats: a writer, a photographer, a stylist, a designer and a vintage dealer specializing in Western Americana. Every day of my life is filled with inspiration, depending on the project I occupy my mind with. I decided to never waste my time on something that doesn’t have any meaning to me. I would rather die of passion than of boredom, and I’m never bored doing what I love.

- I saw that you drink mate - typical Argentinian drink-. How did you discover mate? Some people think that it's really bitter, what do you like about it? 

To me yerba mate was love at first sight. I discovered it when I was 20 years old. As a young woman, I didn’t like the affect that coffee had on me, so I started looking for an alternative that was just as energizing. One day I was passing by a culinary shop with products from different parts of the world and I saw yerba mate set in a display window. It got my attention. It had a beautiful cup made of natural curved gourd, a mysterious silver straw, and a leaf tea bag with a Spanish name on it. I though I had to try it and it quickly became my daily ritual. I love herbs and teas of all kinds, so I consider mate taste very good. In the meantime, I met Argentinians that guided me through the magical mate ceremony, which consists of many steps. 

- Do you have any other daily rituals? And what are they?

All good things are wild and free. Playing with my animals, exploring the world bareback and making use of plants growing around me are other favorite rituals of mine. I also like to take care of myself in a natural way, such as dry brushing and practicing ancient facial massage methods that release tension and slow down the aging process.

- How do you connect with your homeland and your ancestral heritage?

I’m from Poland, the north of Europe, Slavic heritage. My ancestors lived in harmony with nature and according to the lunar calendar. There are many ways and tools to connect with my homeland, but what helps me the most is living with the seasons, following the moon phases and connecting with the earth and her natural rhythms. By doing this, I come home to my authentic self and can explore my soul, my purpose and true desires. It’s easy to get lost in the modern lifestyle where the only way forward is to pursue what society considers success. We no longer even hear the whisper of our own heart. I believe that going back to the wisdom of your ancestors, no matter what your roots are, helps you recognize who you really are and teaches you how to be more grounded. Presence in everyday life and conscious observation of the surrounding nature gives a real sense of connection with the world.

- How would your explain what 'old ways' means to you? And how important is this for your business?

I love the way things were made in the past, with quality materials and attention to detail that has stood the test of time. I don't like today's mass-produced industry, and living 'the old way' for me means choosing natural fibers over synthetics, being resourceful and creating a timeless style in your wardrobe and interiors that you'll enjoy for decades instead of spending money on temporary trends. That's why I deal with antiques and vintage - to show my clients the beauty hidden in the quality and craftsmanship of the old days.

- I admire your love for vintage and natural fibres. What inspires your personal style and how would you define it?

My style is inspired by my past, my European roots, my love for western movies, my everyday passions, the places I’ve traveled to and my surroundings. It is a combination of everything that stimulates my heart and imagination. I wear what feels natural to my skin, so I choose natural fibers because I love things that come from the earth and come back to it without doing any harm. 

- Do you identify with Casapacha in some way, and do you have any favourite products that you would like to share with us? 

 I fell in love with Casapacha for its simplicity, earthy color palette, ethnic patterns and artisanal weaving. My favorite products are a chaguar fiber clutch that I filled with my daily essentials and carry in my tote + a soft llama wool shawl that I wrap around my body on a cooler day or use as a decorative textile around the house. I am your huge fan because I enjoy products that can be used in many different ways and delight me with their originality. 

 Photos: @oldgoldritual - Zuza Isham