OUR DIARY | How was our collection of Ponchos & Scarves made?

Sustainable fashion - Casapacha Ponchos
Our collection of Ponchos & Scarves was made in the north of Argentina, in a place knows as Puna. In Quechua (local indigenous language), the word ‘Puna’ means ‘high land’. The Puna is a desert, high in altitude and dominate by Andes peaks.
Our artisan partners there are a group of more than 120 women, who live in isolated communities through all the Puna area. They have been working together for years and have created an association named Red Puna.
Llamas in Argentina - Casapacha
The artisans work with 100% llama and sheep wool from the local communities and use ancestral techniques to hand spin the wool and loom the products.
Handloomed ponchos - Casapacha
Hand loom - Casapacha

 For our winter collection, we have chosen the natural colours of the llama as black, grey, white and brown. This means that no dyes have been used in our ponchos.

The llama wool is soft, warm and easy to wear; our sustainable designs are timeless and simple with a focus on great quality which can be worn for many years to come.
I hope you can enjoy this new sustainable fashion collection and appreciate the time & traditional knowledge utilized to create these wonderful pieces by hand.
Candela - Founder of Casapacha
Ethical fashion - Casapacha ponchosEthical fashion - Casapacha ponchos