OUR DIARY |Thoughtful Christmas gifts ideas | Shop sustainable this holiday season

The Christmas season is here, and with it, some shopping for our loved ones. Sometimes, this time of the year can be a bit overwhelming. If you would like to shop in a more sustainable way this season, keep in mind our list of ideas.
Here are some ideas to consider when shopping for Christmas gifts:
  • Shop Local: Visit your local markets, there are always great handmade gifts made by local artisans. It's important to support small businesses throught this season.  
  • Shop ethically produced gifts: Buy from brands that aligns with your ethos. Always keep in mind how it's made, and the materials used. Try to buy raw and natural fibres, as they are always the most environmentally friendly products.
  • Shop fairtrade: gifting fairtrade products contributes to the economy of small communities and it has a positive impact on the artisans and small producers of other countries.
  • Shop quality: keep in mind quality. Always try to shop good quality items that you know that will last. They may be more expensive but you can buy just one good quality gift. Buy better, buy less. 
  • Consider a more sustainable option to wrap your gifts: you could use some fabric that you have at home or to reuse some paper wrapping or a paper bag. You can also use some natural dried flowers or leaves to decorate tyour gift.
  • Gift your time: I would like you to remember that the best gift that we can give this season is to be present and to enjoy the time with your loved ones. 
I have put together some Christmas gifts ideas from us, for you. They are, as always, handmade, made with natural fibres, hand dyed with natural dyes, and one of a kind.

Supporting Casapacha means that you are supporting our artisan partners in Argentina and helping us keep their ancestral knowlegde alive.

Candela x

1. Belt #068
2. Basket #051
3. Handwoven Monte Cluth #021
4. Necklace #023

5. Handwoven Mini Bag #011

1. Basket #052
2. Belt #075
3. Handwoven Purse #002
4. Handwoven Tierra Bag #084
1. Handwoven Mini Bag #010
2. Handwoven Purse #003
3. Bracelet #001
4. Organic White Sage Smudge Stick
5. Smugde Bowl | Sand