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Casapacha | Sustainable and artisanal designs by indigenous communities from Argentina


Our collection of bags was handcrafted by the indigenous Wichi community.
Wichi women have worked with Chaguar for centuries. Using ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation they weave beautiful and natural bags and baskets.
Chaguar is a plant that grows in the north of Argentina, that is very similar to the aloe vera plant. Wichi women harvest the plant by hand in small groups. After the harvesting period the women prepare the leaves by cleaning them and drying.
Once dry, the fibers are worked into threads by rubbing them together on their thighs. These threads are later hand dyed with natural pigments obtained from roots, seeds and fruits.
Using ancient patterns Wichi women hand weave beautiful pieces such as this collection of bags.
We work in conjuntion with an Argentinian social enterprise and pay fair prices. When you purchase a bag from us you are helping support an entire community and their culture.
Note: All our bags are one off pieces.