Llama Wool Throw | Grey - Casapacha
Llama Wool Throw | Grey - Casapacha
Llama Wool Throw | Grey - Casapacha


Llama Wool Throw | Grey

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Throws are handmade on loom and represents the culture of the north of Argentina.
These types of fabrics are of a high quality, light and easy to wear. 

Our artisan partners are a group of more than 120 women, who live in isolated communities through all Puna area. In Quechua (local indigenous language), the word 'Puna' means 'high land'. The Puna is a desert, high in altitude and dominate by Andes peaks. Due to this conditions ponchos & scarves have been used in this area for centuries.
The artisans work with 100 % llama and sheep wool from the local communities and use ancestral techniques to hand spin the wool and hand loomed. 

Woven by loom with natural colours- no dyes
100% llama wool fine thread
Sizes 210 x 100cm + tassels
Handmade in Argentina

Care & instructions: 
This is a quality hand loomed product made by Argentinian communities. It's made with sustainable materials.
- Hand wash with cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

Every Casapacha purchase supports sustainable design and fair pay for artisans.

Learn more about our artisans partners HERE

Note: All our products are handmade, which means you may find slight variations in colours & sizes.