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Hand woven Arida Bag #0165
Hand woven Arida Bag #0165


Hand woven Arida Bag #0165

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This handwoven bag was made with the plant fibre chaguar, a type of bromeliad that grows in South America. It's a resistant and durable fibre.

To obtain this material Wichi women first travel into the forest in small groups to harvest the chaguar, they then separate its fibres by hand. After they separate the fibre they spin, dye it with natural extracts -from roots, seeds and fruits- and knit it.

All our chaguar bags and baskets have come from a remote area in Argentina - which is the semi-arid Chaco region - and handcrafted in a traditional way.

By owning one of these pieces, not only do you get the chance to appreciate the effort, story and culture behind it, but you also are supporting these communities and purchasing a sustainable product. 

Hand-woven bag in Chaguar fibre
Made by: Wichi community
Artisan: Teresa
Size: 35x 37 cm / Strap Length 105 cm 
Handmade in Argentina

Care & instructions:

This is a quality handmade product which is made by Argentinian indigenous communities. It's hand-dyed and made with sustainable materials.

- Do not wet your bag or basket as these are woven with plant-based threads and could be damaged when getting wet.

Every Casapacha purchase supports sustainable design and fair pay for artisans.

Learn more about Chaguar fibre HERE.